Friday, December 27, 2019

A Look Back On 2019

2019 has been the most life changing year for me so far. I got married, left Singapore and moved to London for good. These dreams; the biggest dreams I have since I was young was granted, gifted, blessed with. 2019 has taught me that dreams do come true and all you have to do is listen and follow your heart. It always knows, it just does. Thank you 2019 for this wonderful year and I'm looking forward to welcoming 2020. Also here are more highlights of 2019.

1. Went to Hong Kong for Valentines Day.
2. Went back to Manila and my parents met my boyfriend (now husband) and we got engaged.
3. Moved out of our apartment in Potong Pasir last March.
4. My husband (bf then) moved to London in April.
5. We had our first long distance for 7 months.
6. I moved back to my sister.
7. Saw Baby Seby grew up for a while.
8. I got married last August
9. Got my UK visa last September
10. Left Singapore and moved to London in November.
11. Spend my first Christmas in London.